If there’s one thing that has been on my new year’s resolution list for the past few years, it has been to travel more. This year I’ve decided it’s going to be my main investment and I’m at the moment planning a trip to city I’ve wanted to visit for a long time. But more on that when it actually happens.
Last weekend I got to go to another place that’s been on my list for a while, Tallinn. I’ve been curious about it, partly because it’s so close and it feels like everyone in Finland visits the city regularly. Even though it was a short visit and the weather was horrible we still managed to experience the best the city had to offer. We toured old town, got pampered and ate delicious food. This express 11 hour trip was a gift from my wonderful friends on my 30th birthday. Brilliant idea ladies!
I really love old buildings so walking on the narrow streets of old town was a treat. Such beautiful colours! And it was the first time I took proper pictures with my new camera so I was in nerdy tourist mode. Luckily I had a pro (Kea of Deep Red Blues) to give me a crash course on how to use the camera.
I’m definitely going back to Tallinn, maybe then during the summer. I want to see more of the pastel buildings in old town,  explore the local design scene and observe the local hipsters. Thanks once again to my ladies for making this happen!


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