Tourist at home

I had a friend visiting from London during Easter so we did some sightseeing around Helsinki. The good thing with playing a tourist where you live is that you get to see parts of the city you rarely visit otherwise. Like when we entered the Helsinki Cathedral and I realised that I had never been inside it before. I need to make this local touristing a regular thing. Helsinki might be a small capital city but it has a lot to offer.

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Holy Craftmanship

Sometime when you travel you'll have one attraction on a list you plan on visiting if you run out of other activities. For me, on our trip to Edinburgh the attraction was St. Giles' Cathedral. It's usually stained glass windows and their vivid colours that bring to the cathedrals but I'm also intrigued by the architecture and ornaments. Strangely enough we walked pass St.Giles' a couple of times at the beginning of our stay. I was maybe expecting it to be much bigger so I didin't pay attention to it. Then one day when were buying jewelry across the street, I suggested we go in and have look since it was raining and we were not in a hurry. Am I glad we went inside! While my travel companion befriended the kind ladies in the cathedral's shop, I walked around and studied the details of this architectural gem.  I really liked the blue colour of the ceiling, it was so vivid. The chandeliers had a modern look almost futuristic look, like something that could have been in Jupiter Ascending.

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Paint it pretty

Who says a building has to be in one solid colour? There is so much more you can do, as you can see on these examples from Berlin. Imagine living in one of these buildings! I would wish more of this kind of creativity and playfulness in Helsinki.

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Oooh Charlotte!

As in Charlottenburg, the beautiful neighbourhood in Berlin. We went there to see the castle but I completely fell in love with the area around it. At some point I looked at my brother and was like "maybe I should move here!" and his face was like "Seriously?!" I can't quit put my finger on what I loved about the area so much, maybe it was the colourful old buildings with their pretty balconies or maybe it was because it felt tranquil and cozy. In the end we skipped going inside the castle, for some reason when we got there, we were not in the mood. Maybe I'll visit it next time I go to Berlin.

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Tallinn calling!

If there's one thing that has been on my new year's resolution list for the past few years, it has been to travel more. This year I've decided it's going to be my main investment and I'm at the moment planning a trip to city I've wanted to visit for a long time. But more on that when it actually happens.Last weekend I got to go to another place that's been on my list for a while, Tallinn. I've been curious about it, partly because it's so close and it feels like everyone in Finland visits the city regularly. Even though it was a short visit and the weather was horrible we still managed to experience the best the city had to offer. We toured old town, got pampered and ate delicious food. This express 11 hour trip was a gift from my wonderful friends on my 30th birthday. Brilliant idea ladies!I really love old buildings so walking on the narrow streets of old town was a treat. Such beautiful colours! And it was the first time I took proper pictures with my new camera so I was in nerdy tourist mode. Luckily I had a pro (Kea of Deep Red…

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