Think Pink

Category : Helsinki, Inspiration
Date : 20/02/2014

A week back I went on a gallery tour with a few friends. It’s one of those things we all agree is fun but we always struggle to find time for it. A sudden sushi craving cut our tour short so we only visited a few galleries. While the art in the galleries varied, the spaces were quit similar. The norm is blank white spaces with a person sitting behind a large computer screen, but not at Lokal. This place surprised us with it’s unusually cosy and homelike feel. Lokal is a concept store where art and design meets crafts, and there’s cofee and cake as well! 72% Art 28% Coffee is the motto. The Exhibitions change every month and we were lucky to catch a glimpse of the Pink exhibition. As I write this a new exhibition is being build.





My favourite piece, Organs III by Renata Jakowleff


We all fell in love with the panda with the balloon.



Pepita by Outi Martikainen


A close up of the artwork. See what it is made of?


All in all, a very interesting and well executed concept. I can’t wait to see the new exhibition!

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