Mastering the art of eating solo

If there's one thing I always struggle with when travelling solo is eating alone at restaurants. I have no problem eating alone at home, when it's just me and my bowl of noodles but put dining me in a public setting and I get really nervous. So obviously this is something I need to practice and if anyone has any tips on how to deal with this I'm all ears! I want to reach a point where I can sit down , really enjoy the meal and not speed eat like a crazy person as I did on my recent Stockholm trip. One place  I managed to really take it easy and enjoy my meal is Gildas Rum in Södermalm. Ok, it was breakfast and it was raining outside so the café was almost empty, but still. The place has  two crucial things that a good café should have if you ask me, delicious pastry and interesting interior. At Gildas they choose to decorate the space like a granny's living room and then added a bit of kitch. The result is a very cozy and colourful café that I can warmly recommend. 

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The cool village shop

As I wrote earlier, I love going to the Fiskars Village and on my recent visit I went to some of my favourite stores like Jalo and Onoma Shop.  Onoma has a great mix of art, design and craft items in a myriad of materials and at reasonable price points. That store alone is worth visiting the village for. I was too busy admiring everything in the shop to take pictures but below are a few I managed to snap.

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I was recently invited to a blog event at Tikau, where I got to meet other Swedish speaking bloggers. It was nice to talk to other bloggers about blogging, I haven't done that before. The evening was also a great opportunity for me to practice my mingling skills and learn about the company. The Tikau store sells ethically manufactured products from different brands like  Hyvä Teko and Mifuko as well as Tikau's own products. The brands have been carefully selected, the design is just as important as the sustainability. The Tikau products are manufactured by artisans in rural India using sustainable and locally sourced materials. I really admire Taina Snellman, the founder of Tikau for her drive and patience. With production being done by families instead of a single factory, the logistics can be quit challenging. But she believes that employment is the best way to help and I couldn't agree more!So if you're looking for items for your home or a gift for someone, go check out the store!Below is a chronicle of the evening in pictures. Thanks again to Nora for inviting me! Our hosts, Nora and Johanna. An example of the impressive craftsmanship. This felted piece is…

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Think Pink

A week back I went on a gallery tour with a few friends. It's one of those things we all agree is fun but we always struggle to find time for it. A sudden sushi craving cut our tour short so we only visited a few galleries. While the art in the galleries varied, the spaces were quit similar. The norm is blank white spaces with a person sitting behind a large computer screen, but not at Lokal. This place surprised us with it's unusually cosy and homelike feel. Lokal is a concept store where art and design meets crafts, and there's cofee and cake as well! 72% Art 28% Coffee is the motto. The Exhibitions change every month and we were lucky to catch a glimpse of the Pink exhibition. As I write this a new exhibition is being build. Unen ääret (Edges of Dreams) by Mika Haaranen. Cool prints were projected on the Hakasalmi Villa. Unen ääret (Edges of Dreams) by Mika Haaranen. Cool prints were projected on the Hakasalmi Villa. Unen ääret (Edges of Dreams) by Mika Haaranen. Cool prints were projected on the Hakasalmi Villa. Unen ääret (Edges of Dreams) by Mika Haaranen. Cool prints were…

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