I love polka dots!

Last winter a friend of mine hosted a clothing swap event, what a brilliant idea! I came home with a few garments, among which; a pair of jeans I planned to wear this summer as shorts. So I cut off the legs but then put the project on hold since I couldn’t decide which colour […]

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Starting small

Not long ago I shared my big crochet experiment and vowed to get started on some scarves. Well, I decided to start with something even smaller, a bracelet to more exact. I saw a picture of this technique a while back and immediately decided to use it for a bracelet. I’m very happy with the […]

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Dr. Red Riding Hood

I love going to second hand and vintage stores but once there I rarely buy clothing. I usually come home with glass objects, old zippers or bags. During the Easter holidays I visited one of my favourite stores in Vaasa in search of glass plates but I ended up trying on a bunch of spring […]

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