Cecile Emeke

If you haven’t watched Cecile’s Strolling series, go watch it now! I think she’s done it in like 6 different countries. I remember watching them a few years ago and being so moved by these stories. I could relate to so many of them and it also gave me a lot to think about my own identity in the African diaspora. And for all my feminist out there you have to watch this poem!

Update July 2023 Unfortunately Cecile’s YouTube channel no longer exists.

Jenny Mustard

I’m not a minimalist like Jenny but I find her aesthetic quite soothing.

Rachel Ama

My new favourite vegan food channel. She’s got me craving plantain!

Dyland Magastar

I don’t have a driving license and I have no plans on getting one yet I’m obsessed with watching these van life stories.

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