In January I visited Munich for a few days. Despite getting a migraine the day before the trip and having to get up at 3AM it was nice to take a break from the hectic school life and get to wander around a new city. I was mainly there for the Ispo fair but I have to admit it was all the Bavarian castles that got me to book the trip in the first place. The fair was really overwhelming so I spent most of my time wandering around the city and in historical buildings. I even made to the most visited castle in Europe (probably in the world) but more on that later.

If you’ve been here before you know I have a thing for museums, even when they’re considered to be  huge tourist traps. I really enjoyed walking through the Munich Residence, talking a gazillion pictures of all the chandeliers ( I think I’ve always liked them but the Hermitage took it to a new level) and silly mirror selfies (when you’re travelling alone and don’t have a selfie stick). Another favourite was the Nymphenburg Palace. Even though it was grey and chilly, it was nice to walk around around the garden, observe the locals and hang out with the swans.

Remember not long ago when I had difficulty eating at restaurants by myself while traveling? On this trip I managed just fine, progress people, progress!

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