After I finished knitting my seed stitch scarf, I vowed to stay away from big knitting projects for a while. I want to focus more on my sewing projects, so with knitting I’ll mostly stick to learning some new challenging stitches. Here are the latest additions to the My Stitch Library.

Bamboo stitch

I would like to have a sweater in this stitch, though it might be a while before I have the patience to knit such a big garment. I also learned that when knitting more complex stitches, I need to knit quite loosely otherwise it becomes difficult. The stitch is not that complicated but if you knit too tight (like I tend to do) your work distorts diagonally. This swatch was ironed straight.
Link to tutorial

Raspberry/ Trinity stitch

This stitch is not as difficult as I thought it would be. Once you understand how the “berries” are created it’s pretty straight forward. Unlike the other stitches I tried the swatch doesn’t roll and it’s easy to keep the edges straight. I really love the texture of this stitch so I’m gonna have to find a project that I can use it in.
Link to tutorial

Rick rack rib

Probably the coolest stitch I’ve ever knitted but boy was it difficult for me! I think I had to redo it two times before I finished this swatch. The mistake usually happened when I had done a few rows and then left it for a couple of days, when I’d return to it, i’d get a detail wrong and boom there went the entire row!
Link to tutorial

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