I’ve been thinking about making a big and warm triangle scarf for a while now, I just haven’t been able to decide how to make it. Winter may be over (thank goodness!) but I’ve given up trying to make big projects during the season they’re intended for. Instead I get started when I have the inspiration and try not to have too many projects going on at the same time. It’s a constant challenge for me.
Considering how long it took me to knit the seed stitch scarf ( a post on that is in the works) I think I’ll be crocheting the triangle scarf. And what  do I do when I can’t decide on which stitch to use for something? I learn new stitches and make some swatches. It’s become a regular habit of mine and I have to say I quit like the process. I’m gonna start posting them under My Stitch Library, as it is in a way a collection of crocheting and knitting stitches. I used Hopeful Honey’s tutorials for these swatches. I like her tutorials because they’re clear but short.

Mini bean stitch

Looks pretty straight forward but after a few rows I realised that my swatch didn’t have the right “slant” in the rows as it should and decided to start from scratch. I like to crochet pretty tightly which sometimes makes it difficult to see key parts in some stitches. I also wanted to yarn over before every “mini bean”, which you shouldn’t in this stitch. Sometimes I would forget and notice it a few rows later. Luckily it got easier halfway through the second swatch, for me it just required a bit of practice. I really like the 3 dimensionality and texture of this stitch. I’m thinking about making a scarf with it in the future.

Suzette stitch

I struggled to keep my rows even, I probably skipped one too many stitches somewhere. It’s otherwise an easy stitch to crochet. I like the subtle texture of this stitch, I have one up coming project made with it.

Lemon Peel stitch

Probably the easiest of the stitches I tried this time. I would recommend this for beginners to try out. I like the texture of this stitch and how compact it is. I also have one up coming project made with this stitch.

Star stitch

I kept forgetting how to start and end the rows so if I would make something with this stitch I would probably need to write down some notes in the beginning of the project. I really like the star  pattern this stitch creates on one side. I usually prefer stitches crochet patterns with identical sides but this one has a pretty reverse side so it’s worth a spot in my stitch library.

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