Last time I was experimenting with embroidery I stitched my name on a piece of fabric. I really liked embroidering letters so when I wanted to try the chain stitch I thought I’d try different types of letters and ended up using my logo. It turned out to be a good practicing ground. It’s easier to compare the different stitches and swatches when the motif is the same. Here are some of my latest embroidery experiments.


One thing I need to do is find a stronger heat transfer pencil or maybe try other transfer transfer methods. I had to sit by the window in order to see these lines.


For this sample i was embroidering the logo using the chain stitch.


Maybe not the best stitch for letters in this size or maybe I should have made the chain stitches shorter. Another option would be to stitch something along the edges of the letters.


For my next sample I used my bigger hoop and tried using several colours. I chose the three colours below because I thought they worked well together and then I just improvised my way forward. Because of my weak heat transfer pen I quickly outlined the letters. Next time I think I’ll use a thinner thread, I picked this orange one by default but something thinner and lighter might have been easier to cover.


When I start embroidering I really get into it and often forget to photograph some of the steps. This often leads to late night photo sessions with poor lighting that later requires a lot of photoshop. Note to self, buy additional lighting!


The best thing to do while embroidering? Listening to a great podcast, like this one.




I’m really happy with how this piece turned out. It would be fun to make a version with tonal colours but let’s see what I come up with the next time I’m in the mood for embroidery.

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