During easter I headed to London for an extended weekend trip. I have a friend that I had been promising to visit for years but I also wanted to get reacquainted with this metropolitan city. The last visit was probably 10 years ago! I went without a detailed plan, I knew I wanted to go to a few stores and visit the V&A but the rest I left to my mood and company. The perks of staying with a friend is that you get to see parts of the city that you probably wouldn’t visit as a regular tourist. It was a fun trip filled with long conversations and new discoveries. I hope I’ll be able to visit more often in the future, the city has so much to offer.


We were supposed to go for a walk instead we had afternoon tea and talked for hours! I think it was the first time I had a proper afternoon tea. It’s definitely something I want to have more often.


I didn’t do much shopping but I really liked looking at all the beautiful window displays.


Despite the grey weather (this is Britain after all), there were signs that warmer weather is coming.


Took some time to see some touristy places as well.


Stepping into the V&A was a bit overwhelming. I realised straight away that I’d only have time to see a fraction of it and then tried to see as much as possible during that short time.


I think I’ll simply have to go to the V&A every time I’m in London, I liked it that much. And next time I’ll make sure to visit when this beautiful library is open. We also visited another museum, Sir John Soane’s Museum during my stay. They have a no pictures policy so you’ll have to take my word for it when I say it’s one of the most unique museums I’ve ever been to, definitely worth a visit.


Saw Zootropolis (Zootopia) at this beautiful cinema. I just love the neon light sign.


Also spent some time in Brick Lane and Brixton, I was hoping to see some local hipsters but instead it was me and the rest of the tourists. Maybe my hipster radar is not so accurate anymore?


Went into this frozen yogurt place and it turned out that the guy behind the counter was also a Swedish speaking Finn! I mean what are the odds!!


Thank you London, Malena and Charité for having me. Until next time!

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