2015 was an event full year in many ways. I turned 30! It was a birthday I feared might cause some sort of existential crisis but what I found was motivation. I decided to stop putting off things I want to do, ’cause if not now, then when? I guess it was me finally realising that with some things there’s never really “a perfect moment” so waiting for those moments is a waste of time. For me, the thing was travelling. It’s what’s always on the top of all my new year’s resolutions and what I in 2015 vowed to do something about. So I decided to treat every trip like an adventure, even if it was the antiques market an hour from where I live.  Sometimes it was only for a day or a weekend but I still found something to marvel about. I also rediscovered the perks of travelling alone. It’s not worse or better than travelling with friends or family,  it’s just different. Like walking through museums and shops at your own pace? Awesome! Dining alone in crowded restaurant? I’m working on it!

What are my goals for 2016? Definitely more travel and stepping out of my comfort zone but also better time management so I have more time for my creative projects. I also want to really challenge that inner voice that’s always doubting and makes me opt out of possible opportunities. So 2016 will basically be about getting things done!
So here’s my 2015 in  travel pictures! May 2016 be even more adventurous!


The year started with my first ever trip  to Tallin. An awesome birthday present from my friends.


During easter my youngest brother and I went to explore the cool city of Berlin. It’s a place that has a lot to offer so I’m definitely going back again in the future.


During a weekend in July I went to Stockholm for mini solo trip. It was a much needed break.


In November I went to Lund to visit my brother. I’ve already warned him that I’ll be back for another visit.

On my way to Lund I passed through Copenhagen. Definitely one of my favourite cities.

In December I went to Scotland with Kea of Deep Red Blues. It was an mazing trip in so many ways and much of it is thanks to Kea’s excellent travel planning. I have a gazillion of images that i’ll be sharing with you in the coming months, stay tuned!

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