Apple greens and basket weaves

Date : 28/10/2014
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Remember a while back when I crocheted all those swatches and vowed to get started on a scarf? Well, I finally got started but I didn’t use any of the crochet stitches I had sampled. What happened was I went to the yarn store and bought a few skeins of yarn in this lovely apple green colour, but when I got home I realised that the yarn was too thick for what I had in mind. So after hours of googling, youtubing and testing crochet stitches I decided to go with a basket weave stitch. I really like the thickness and the texture of it but it consumes a lot of yarn so I might have to pay that yarn store another visit.
I find crochet to be very meditative so I’m glad I have this project to keep me occupied through the dark winter months.




Let the rain fall down

Category : Style
Date : 14/10/2014
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The fascinating  thing with second hand shops is that you never know what you’re gonna find. I often go hunting for one thing but end up buying something completely different. A few weeks ago however I had unusual luck and made great finds, the first were some cute glass jars,  the second an amazing vintage Rukka raincoat. I have been looking for a raincoat for quit a while so I was thrilled when I found this one. I didn’t notice the made in Finland label until I was in the parking lot. Judging from the material and the logo the raincoat is probably from the 70’s.

This raincoat was really a great find, the size is just right and it has a hood and pockets. One thing I need to fix is the hem. The person who owned it before me adjusted the length using a very wavy seam. The only negative thing is that the raincoat is made of PVC coated cotton. Not only is PVC toxic, it’s also very difficult to recycle. Sure, I can justify my purchase by saying it’s better to buy old PVC products than new ones but it doesn’t change the product’s life cycle. These are tricky issues but I think it’s important to think and read about it and try to make smart and concious decisions. The mystery though is why I’m all of a sudden buying red coats? It wasn’t long ago that I bought another red coat from the same store!




The best dressed evil queen

Category : Inspiration
Date : 09/10/2014
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I love movies and tv-series with elaborate costumes. From those BBC adaptations of classic novels to the latest fantasy blockbuster, I’ll watch them all. It’s not unusual for me to choose to see a movie at the cinema just because of the costume design. I’m now seriously thinking about how to get into that industry. If anybody has any tips let me know! Snow White and the Huntsman is one movie with great costumes, especially Charlize Theron’s character. As much as I keep rooting for Kristen Stewart’s character, Theron’s costumes are one of the reasons I’ve now seen this movie like 3 times. So Colleen Atwood did one hell of a job! I read somewhere that she’s been nominated for an Oscar 9 times. I think I have to watch some of the other movies she’s worked on.






The lazy crochetter makes a comeback

Category : D.I.Y. Projects
Date : 01/10/2014
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Remember that bracelet I crocheted a while back? I decided to make a white one as well. I never wear white but lately I’ve been coveting white accessories and jewellery. I used a much finer cotton yarn than last time and used triple treble stitches for the grid. I also learned that there is a difference in interpretation of stitch names between the UK and US, very confusing! I have to learn more about that. Now I need to find more crochet patterns and maybe make a necklace. All tips are welcome!