Watch out for the tourists!

The last time I went to the old town of Stockholm it was on a school trip and it was during the dark winter so on my recent trip I revisited the neighbourhood. It was partly because I didn't remember much from my previous stay but also because  I wanted to visit some handicraft stores I imagined would be there. Now the savvy traveller would have done some research and found out where the stores are. A savvy traveller would also have known not to go there on a Sunday morning when it's packed with tourists! Well, I've learned my lesson.Some people say that once you've seen one old town in Europe you've pretty much seen them all but I don't agree. I found the one in Stockholm to be quit tranquil.  Once I stepped away from the main crowded streets I could walk along the many steep alleys almost undisturbed. So I walked around, looked at old buildings and did some window shopping. Most of the stores are on the main streets so those handicraft boutiques that I had in mind were left unvisited. All in all , Stockholm's old town is beautiful and worth visiting, you just need to have plan when you go there.

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