Ok, so the name of the place is actually Pietarsaari or Jakobstad but I’m hoping that Jacob City will catch on soon. For non swedish speakers loppis means flea market.

I visited this lovely town during some really hot days this past summer. It’s a town that has an unusual amount of second hand, vintage and antique stores considering its size. My friend and I tried to figure out the reason for this abundance but came to no clear conclusion.

What I really liked was the wide selection of stores, there’s everything from your average second hand stores to the more curated antiques stores. My absolute favourite was the Lundagård store (image with floral wallpaper and velvet couch). The interior is so charming and cozy. I almost wished it was a café, so I could sit down and flip though some old magazines.

Have you visited Pietarsaari? What were your favourite second hand/ vintage/antique store there?

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