Out and about in London town

During easter I headed to London for an extended weekend trip. I have a friend that I had been promising to visit for years but I also wanted to get reacquainted with this metropolitan city. The last visit was probably 10 years ago! I went without a detailed plan, I knew I wanted to go to a few stores and visit the V&A but the rest I left to my mood and company. The perks of staying with a friend is that you get to see parts of the city that you probably wouldn't visit as a regular tourist. It was a fun trip filled with long conversations and new discoveries. I hope I'll be able to visit more often in the future, the city has so much to offer. We were supposed to go for a walk instead we had afternoon tea and talked for hours! I think it was the first time I had a proper afternoon tea. It's definitely something I want to have more often. I didn't do much shopping but I really liked looking at all the beautiful window displays. Despite the grey weather (this is Britain after all), there were signs that warmer weather is coming. Took some…

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