Back in design school, what feels like a million years ago, I found this amazing book at the library while looking for some inspiration for ruffles. Once I was done with my ruffle experiments (I have a serious thing for ruffles, I have to write about it sometime) and had returned the book I decided I should buy it and put it on my wish list.  The book is called The art of manipulating fabric by Colette Wolff and NOW I’ve finally bought it. Hey, better late than never!

What’s so great about this book you may wonder? It’s like a fabric manipulation encyclopaedia. Ruffles are just a small fraction of what this book covers. There’s chapters on pleats, tucks, smocking and quilting to name a few. The book might at first sight seem a bit outdated because of the cover and black and white images but they actually work well with the illustrations and make the instructions easier to follow.

I’m very eager to try out all the techniques in the book so I’ll probably try out some of them on some pouches and later on some garments. I’ll let you know how that goes. I really recommend this book to anyone who’s interested in crafts and sewing.


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