There was a time I didn’t understand the hype around Wes Anderson and his movies.  I remember falling asleep while watching The Life Aqutic with Steve Zissou with one of my brothers. To my defence I was really tired and sleepy. Then I saw Moonrise Kingdom and it became clear why Anderson has a cult following. And what’s not to love? There’s the original stories with their quirky characters, the elaborate sets and costumes, not to forget the music.
I think what I love the most about Anderson’s movies is the unpredictability of the story lines and the colours ( There’s even a tumblr dedicated to the movies’ colour palettes).  When The Grand Budapest Hotel came out some critics wrote that it was his best film so far and I have to agree. I simply loved everything about it! The film’s costume designer Milena Canonero also did a wonderful job. I have to get acquainted with some of her other wok.
So it’s official, I’m a Wes Anderson fan!

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