After watching Show White and the Huntsman for probably the 4th time ( Charlize Theron is awesome in that movie) I’ve become a fan of Colleen Atwood, the film’s costume designer.  I’m now getting familiar with her work and last week I watched  Alice in Wonderland again after I found out  she had  designed the costumes. I hadn’t seen it since the exciting 3D experience in Turku a couple of years ago. I do remember being impressed by the costumes and set decoration (not to forget the Cheshire cat in 3D) when I originally saw it and I still feel the same way today. Even though a lot in the movie  is CGI, the craftsmanship on the costumes still stands out and for me costumes are an essential part of immersing myself into the world the story takes place in. I’m really looking forward to Atwoods’s next film to hit the cinemas, Into the Woods. Besides the costumes and the singing, Merly Streep is in it! I can’t wait!


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