As in Charlottenburg, the beautiful neighbourhood in Berlin. We went there to see the castle but I completely fell in love with the area around it. At some point I looked at my brother and was like “maybe I should move here!” and his face was like “Seriously?!” I can’t quit put my finger on what I loved about the area so much, maybe it was the colourful old buildings with their pretty balconies or maybe it was because it felt tranquil and cozy.
In the end we skipped going inside the castle, for some reason when we got there, we were not in the mood. Maybe I’ll visit it next time I go to Berlin.









There was a time I didn’t understand the hype around Wes Anderson and his movies.  I remember falling asleep while watching The Life Aqutic with Steve Zissou with one of my brothers. To my defence I was really tired and sleepy. Then I saw Moonrise Kingdom and it became clear why Anderson has a cult following. And what’s not to love? There’s the original stories with their quirky characters, the elaborate sets and costumes, not to forget the music.
I think what I love the most about Anderson’s movies is the unpredictability of the story lines and the colours ( There’s even a tumblr dedicated to the movies’ colour palettes).  When The Grand Budapest Hotel came out some critics wrote that it was his best film so far and I have to agree. I simply loved everything about it! The film’s costume designer Milena Canonero also did a wonderful job. I have to get acquainted with some of her other wok.
So it’s official, I’m a Wes Anderson fan!










While in Berlin

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During Easter me and my youngest brother took a well deserved break and flew to Berlin. We had both never been there and the flights were cheaper than those to London, our original destination.
A colleague of mine had warned that the city is huge and that I’ll only see a fraction of it during my stay and he was right. We were quit relaxed about it though, only having one or two musts planned for the day.  Since the stores were closed most part of our trip we focused mainly on seeing the sights. And what a fascinating city it is! I was in full granny tourist mode, annoying my little brother by instisting on  photographing all the old buildings, monuments and graffiti covered walls I walked past. But it was fun and refreshing and that’s what’s important, however,  I have about 600 hundred images as a as result of my eagerness. So I have a few photoshop sessions ahead of me. I’ll be posting some of those images on the blog these coming weeks.
As for Berlin, I’m definitely going back. I feel that this was an introductory visit to get acquainted with the city.  There’s still a lot of museums, castles and hipster gems I want to explore!


This professional photobomber was my travel companion.









Is it a selfie if there's two of you and you're using a mirror?

Is it a selfie if there’s two of you and you’re using a mirror?




Ok, I just called it Blanche ’cause it almost rhymes with blouse.  Maybe Claire or Mary would be better names? Anywho, these days it seems the only way I can finish a sewing project is if I isolate myself for an entire weekend.  Gone are the days when I could work on several projects at the same time. Since I moved a year ago, I don’t have as much space for spreading out fabrics and making patterns. But enough complaining! Last Saturday I confined myself to my room (the weather was crappy anyway) and made a blouse. It’s a basic t-shirt model that I made in a flowy rayon fabric.


I’ve previously made another version with a wrapped shoulder. This one is a little wider than usual and has longer sleeves. I also made it with curved  hems . I’m definitely going to make more versions of this blouse. It’s great for work since it’s chic and casual but not too informal as a regular t-shirt. I’ve recently noticed that my work wardrobe is not as professional as I’d like it to be. So that’s one more thing to add to my Project Dream Wardrobe.


I’m one of those people that rarely wears black ( I refer to the 5 black garments at the back of my closet as funeral attire) so I was hesitant to buy this fabric but in the end I bought it because this print is so captivating!