On my mind #7

The grey weather is making me crave bright colours. I would like to try my hand at abstract painting. This song is on repeat at the moment. With Christmas behind us I'm already thinking about midsummer!

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On my mind #4

I've been on a sail boat once in my life. It was quit fun and I'd like to do it again. I'm observing sponge-like textures. I should walk around Helsinki and take pictures of beautiful doors. I could have this on my wall. "Fawn" by Ekin Kayis.

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On my mind #3

The last time I was in London was 8 years ago. I need to do something about that. It would be fun to take a ceramics class this summer. I'd like to weave with some unusual materials. Not long now. . .

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On my mind #2

I'm hoping for proper winter weather! That means a lot of snow, blue skies and sunshine. The grey, foggy and rainy weather we have right now in Helsinki is very depressing. I'm observing three dimensional ornamental details. I want to learn some new crochet pattern this coming holiday break. With day length down to 6 hours, I'm thinking it would be nice to have a chandelier!

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On my mind #1

Approaching Christmas tree lighting in a different way. Geometric patterns. I should take a tour of the art galleries in Helsinki. I keep dreaming about wandering around the streets of Paris.

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