Everyone is welcome

I recently bought a Museum Card as a birthday present to myself. With the card you can visit over 240 museums all over Finland and it's valid for a year. I think the card is a brilliant idea since museum entrance usually costs 10-15€. It's great to give as a gift and I think you end up visiting museums more often once you have the card. But let's not forget that for many people going to museums is just something they can't afford. That's why I like the UK's approach to museums, all national museums have free entry. So everyone has access and everyone is welcome! On our last day in Edinburgh, we visited the National Museum of Scotland before heading to the airport. I didn't know anything about the museum before we went so I was expecting it to be about the country's history. This national museum however had some surprises in store. Besides Scottish history there were artifacts from cultures all over the world, animals, minerals and a whole lot more. It's like the people who put this museum together decided to put a little bit of everything in it, just for the fun of it. They also have very friendly guides who tell you…

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Holy Craftmanship

Sometime when you travel you'll have one attraction on a list you plan on visiting if you run out of other activities. For me, on our trip to Edinburgh the attraction was St. Giles' Cathedral. It's usually stained glass windows and their vivid colours that bring to the cathedrals but I'm also intrigued by the architecture and ornaments. Strangely enough we walked pass St.Giles' a couple of times at the beginning of our stay. I was maybe expecting it to be much bigger so I didin't pay attention to it. Then one day when were buying jewelry across the street, I suggested we go in and have look since it was raining and we were not in a hurry. Am I glad we went inside! While my travel companion befriended the kind ladies in the cathedral's shop, I walked around and studied the details of this architectural gem.  I really liked the blue colour of the ceiling, it was so vivid. The chandeliers had a modern look almost futuristic look, like something that could have been in Jupiter Ascending.

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Bonny Edinburgh

Scotland is one of those places that has been on my travel list but usually at the lower end behind countries like Japan, Egypt and South Africa. Then a series called Outlander came and all of a sudden my friends and I were longing for the Scottish highlands. We started talking about a roadtrip for the following fall and all the castles and lochs we'd like to see. The problem was that next fall was almost a year away and that's when we started looking into a shorter trip to Edinburg. So that's how Kea and I found ourselves in Edinburg last december. Though it was windy and rained a lot I still think Edinburg is an incredibly beautiful city. I loved how the narrow streets and old buildings occasionally gave me a feeling I had travelled back in time.  Hogwarts crossed my mind a couple of times. I also liked how close nature the city is, especially if you're close to Arthur's Seat. I had my camera with me at all times but having now gone through the images I've noticed that there's a lot I didn't photograph. Like the endless amount of shops selling wool and cashmere products. You could buy all sorts of sweaters…

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