Elevating the swatch – Crocheted dish cloths

As you know I like to learn new crochet stitches on a regular basis. I usually crochet small swatches that I later use as reference when choosing stitches for bigger projects. After I had finished my latest batch of swatches I realised that if I crocheted the swatches a little bigger I would have made myself some dish cloths! It's weird that I didin't think of it before. I used the suzette and lemon peel stitches that I had just tried out, I like their compact and textured surface. Dish cloths are fun to make because they don't take that long to make and you can immediately put them to use. One tip I would give is to take shrinkage into account when deciding on size. Otherwise, happy crocheting!

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Mood Board Love – Antique Lemons

Image credits : The Met - Rijksmuseum I love making mood boards. So much so I've sometimes wondered if mood board maker could be a full time job. I would maybe get tired of it though. I usually prefer making my mood boards like my collages, by hand from old magazines. But lately I've been testing doing them in photoshop and I thought I'd share some of them with you. I still haven't settled for one layout, I want to try out different ones for a while. I hope you find them inspiring.

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The Impeccable Palette

I was once watching a tv show listing the most visually beautiful films ever made. Though I questioned how they had come to the result they were presenting, I watched the show to the end out of pure curiosity. I have to admit I hadn't watched half of the classic movies on the list and I even disagreed with some of their choices. There was however one movie that I felt was rightfully at the higher end of the list, Zhang Yimou's Hero from 2002. I'm not going to reveal too much of the plot, I'll just say watch it! The use of colour in the film and the attention to detail in the set and costume design is just impeccable. I've seen this this many times over the years and each time I notice something new.

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The healing colours of summer

I can't believe it's already November and Christmas lights are starting to appear. I was just getting used to the warm autumn and the colourful leaves. Now that they're all gone I don't want to think about winter quit yet. Instead I'm looking for colour and light wherever I can find it. Today I found it in form of pictures of colourful summer blooms. See it as early anti darkness therapy!

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