All that sparkles

It's been a long time since I bought a pair of earrings. With the exception of silver studs, I make most of my earrings myself. I can't recall how it all started but I remember really getting into jewellery making when I lived in Copenhagen many years ago. So when I was making research for my Tokyo trip I decided to look up different type of hobby stores and that's how I ended up in Asakusabashi one morning. Being the clumsy tourist that I am I managed to take the wrong exit at the station and ended up in a residential area. I did after a bit of a detour find the place I was looking for, The Edo dori  street where I had read you could find many bead stores. What I found was a street full of stores selling everything from party decorations to traditional hand fans. I was mainly on the hunt for beads but I struggled not to buy all the pretty ones I saw. It got a bit overwhelming at one point, some of the stores had 4 floors! I would recommend visiting this street if you're really into making jewellery or accessories and you're in Tokyo for a longer stay. I don't…

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