In florals we trust

Ever since I bought THAT red coat last year, I've been re-examining which coat shapes work for me and dared to try on silhouettes that I before might have considered to be too oversized for my body shape. When I was in Vaasa over midsummer I was doing  my usual second hand round when I stumbled on this floral print. I loved the print straight away and wanted to buy the garment  but I couldn't figure out if it was a coat or a dress so I ended up deciding that it was probably some grandmother's pyjamas from perhaps the 70's. I hesitated for a moment  to try it on since it was size XL which meant there was a lot of fabric and the scale of the print magnified that. But you know me, I'm a sucker for prints (especially florals) so I had to buy it. I figured I'd change and decrease the amount of buttons, add a belt and wear this floral tent as a coat. I can honestly say that this is one of the best purchases this year! Though it's oversize it's well proportioned and the big pockets (that you can barely see because of the…

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East Side Gallery

If there's one place that you'll find on every travel guide about Berlin, it's East side Gallery and after you've visited "the wall" you'll understand why. There's so many different  styles and such vivid colours, I found it very  inspiring!

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Master of her craft

Fairy tales are constantly being reinterpreted on the big screen and costumes are an important part of conveying that other worldliness. That's why I'll watch the movies even though I've heard the story a million times before. With  Mirror Mirror I think the creators were trying to update the fairy tale with a few jokes and modern language.  As much as I love Julia Roberts and Lily Collins, the jokes didn't quit work for me. The costumes on the other hand were pure perfection. The sheer size of some of the dresses, the colours, the craftsmanship, I'm in awe! Too bad Eiko Ishioka , the film's costume designer didn't get an Oscar for her excellent work, she definitely earned it in my book.I think I'll watch more films that the late designer worked on and explore this tumblr dedicated to her work.

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Take me to the gods

It's already July but I'm still going through images from my Berlin trip in April.When you visit a new place there's always one place that surprises and truly impresses you. Being a true grandma tourist and added the fact that I'm not a seasoned traveller that happened when we walked towards the museum island . It wasn't just the sheer size of the Berlin Cathedral but also the amount of  impressive museum buildings around it . I have been told that there are more impressive cathedrals and building in for example Italy but I haven't seen those yet. To my defence we don't have buildings of that size in Finland. The museum buildings themselves are worth exploring. Unfortunately the church was closed (forgot to check the opening hours, need to seriously improve my travel planning skills) and the queue to the Egyptian Museum, our original goal on the island was a kilometer long so we settled for the collection of classical antiquities at the Altes Museum. The museum didn't disappoint (even though parts of it was closed for renovation) and once we started exploring antique Greece we forgot about our previous plans. I especially liked the with the rotunda with…

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