The Floral Invasion

Category : Style
Date : 25/07/2017
The Floral Invasion

Remember that top with the wrap shoulder I made a few years ago? Or is it a blouse? Ok, I need to get my definitions in order! Anywho, I’ve been using it quit often but unfortunately the fabric isn’t ageing that well. I got the fabric as a gift so I was never a 100% sure of the fiber content.
I really like the wrap shoulder details so I made the same top from a light cotton floral fabric I bought last fall. I altered the the pattern a bit and made the sleeves a bit wider and the hem curved. I seem to have thing for curved hems lately.
As you guys know, I’m a huge fan of floral patterns but I might need to pace myself. My summer wardrobe has experienced a serious floral invasion! So for my next sewing project I need to use some monochrome linen fabrics to balance things out.

Copenhagen is always a good idea

Category : Travel
Date : 18/07/2017
Copenhagen is always a good idea

I’ve been really fortunate in the past few years that I’ve gotten to visit Copenhagen several times. At this point I have a nice Copenhagen routine going. I’m usually there by myself and most of my visits tend to be brief but they’re always fun and eventful. There are certain places I often return to but I also try to explore a new areas, shops and restaurants each time. This trip was a bit special as I got to act tourist guide to my mum on one of the days. We were on our way to Lund for my brother’s graduation.

So what did I do this time? I visited The Botanical Garden for the first time, tried vintage shopping but found nothing, ate some delicious food at places I’ve wanted to try for a while and visited a friend. I don’t have images of all those things because sometimes I just forgot and sometimes I just chickened out. Like that time I was eating my yummy artisanal ice cream on Elmegade, watching cool Copehageners cycle by and couldn’t bring myself to go full tourist mode with my camera. Well, there’s next time, I’ll make sure of it.

A crochet project worth repeating

Remember those crochet cotton pads I made a few months ago? Well I decided to make a set from the thin cotton yarn I tested then. They might not absorb that much liquid but they have a nice exfoliating feature I like. I only do the laundry about once a week so I’m gonna need a few more sets than the two I’ve made so far. I was maybe thinking of sewing the next set from some really soft fabric for those days I really need to be gentle to my skin. I need to do some research and find the most suitable fabric and figure out how to finish the edges. I’ll let you know how that turns out.