On my mind #2

I'm hoping for proper winter weather! That means a lot of snow, blue skies and sunshine. The grey, foggy and rainy weather we have right now in Helsinki is very depressing. I'm observing three dimensional ornamental details. I want to learn some new crochet pattern this coming holiday break. With day length down to 6 hours, I'm thinking it would be nice to have a chandelier!

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On my mind #1

Approaching Christmas tree lighting in a different way. Geometric patterns. I should take a tour of the art galleries in Helsinki. I keep dreaming about wandering around the streets of Paris.

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Crafts kindergarten style

Last week I tried something I've been wanting to do since the beginning of autumn. Printing with leaves like kindergarten kids! I finally got around to it when I realised that there soon wouldn't be any leaves left, it's been raining a lot lately. My prints as such didn't turn out great but that's fine. It was fun and therapeutic to do something crafty and playful after a long day. I'll play around with the prints on the computer and see what I get!

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The doomed and abandoned

A while back I went to Kruunuvuori with a group of friends for a different kind of afternoon walk. We were there to see the abandoned villas that will soon be torn down. It was sad to see these beautiful buildings that had been left to fall apart. The foggy weather made the event more eerie, the words creepy and spooky were used a couple of times. The fact that it was a few days before Halloween added to the mystery. Maybe there is still hope for this one?

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Floral Obsession, part 1

I have only one plant in my apartment and it's a bamboo plant that barely has any leaves left. But despite my lack of horticultural skills, I have a fascination with flowers. I like looking at them and photographing them. I wear floral prints all year round whether they're trendy or not. If I owned my apartment there would probably be a floral wallpaper on one wall. Basically, I have a floral obsession!        

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