On my mind #1

Approaching Christmas tree lighting in a different way. Geometric patterns. I should take a tour of the art galleries in Helsinki. I keep dreaming about wandering around the streets of Paris.

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Floral Obsession, part 1

I have only one plant in my apartment and it's a bamboo plant that barely has any leaves left. But despite my lack of horticultural skills, I have a fascination with flowers. I like looking at them and photographing them. I wear floral prints all year round whether they're trendy or not. If I owned my apartment there would probably be a floral wallpaper on one wall. Basically, I have a floral obsession!        

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Motivation, where art thou?

I'm having one of those days where I'm not getting anything done. I'm listening to Alicia Keys, hoping that her music will help me to magically get some motivation. It might sound weird but some artists have that affect on me. This picture is from Alicia's performance at this year's Flow Festival. What a superwoman indeed!

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