Fantastic Music
The idea of background music might provoke some people but this channel has been so useful to me the past few months when my usual chill spotify playlists haven’t chilled me out. There are so many times one can listen to Enya and the Pride & Prejudice soundtrack in a row.

Rowena Tsai
There’s a lot of self improvement content on YouTube. Unfortunately a lot of it revolves around striving for a very narrow definition of success. What I like about Rowena’s content is that it’s not preachy and that she’s not afraid be vulnerable and honest.

Tiffany Ferguson
I use YouTube for very specific purposes and I sometimes forget just how huge of a platform it is and the wide variety of content it houses. That’s why I find Tiffany’s series Internet Analysis is so interesting.

Studio Knit
This is my go to channel for knitting instructions at the moment. Short and clear instructions, just the way I like it.

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