Up until recently YouTube was the place where I watched music videos, stand up clips and movies trailers. I thought all the YouTube stars I was hearing about were teenagers creating entertaining content for other teenagers. Then one by one I started finding (mostly by accident or probably sophisticated algorithms) these awesome channels with great content. I found myself spending Saturday mornings watching several videos by one person. So I thought I’d share a few channels I’ve found really inspiring, entertaining or both.


Sometimes when people are giving life advice they can come across as smug and just annoying but when Aileen says the same things it sounds much friendlier and actually doable. I have yet to figure out what her secret is. She’s the one who inspired me to start writing a gratitude journal.

Yagazie Emezi

This woman is my hero! I love how she’s fiercely pursuing her passion and how honest and open she is about her journey. She’s also really really funny!

Evelyn from the internets

Evelyn is just hilarious! I can watch her videos for hours.

Kicki Yang Zhang

Kicki posts a wide variety of content but I have to admit it’s her food related videos that I’ve watched the most. Who had any idea that watching someone chopping vegetables could be so mesmerising?

Hopeful Honey

There’s a lot of crochet tutorials out there but I like them short and clear like Olivia’s tutorials.

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