It’s already July but I’m still going through images from my Berlin trip in April.
When you visit a new place there’s always one place that surprises and truly impresses you. Being a true grandma tourist and added the fact that I’m not a seasoned traveller that happened when we walked towards the museum island . It wasn’t just the sheer size of the Berlin Cathedral but also the amount of  impressive museum buildings around it . I have been told that there are more impressive cathedrals and building in for example Italy but I haven’t seen those yet. To my defence we don’t have buildings of that size in Finland.


The museum buildings themselves are worth exploring. Unfortunately the church was closed (forgot to check the opening hours, need to seriously improve my travel planning skills) and the queue to the Egyptian Museum, our original goal on the island was a kilometer long so we settled for the collection of classical antiquities at the Altes Museum. The museum didn’t disappoint (even though parts of it was closed for renovation) and once we started exploring antique Greece we forgot about our previous plans. I especially liked the with the rotunda with the sculptures of the  gods, there was something very majestic about the space.


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