I’m one of those people that makes New Year’s resolutions. Nothing drastic or major, usually things like “attend more cultural events” or “read more books”. For 2014 however, I’m going to focus on plans, because I have big plans for this website of mine. I started it because I was getting frustrated over full sketchbooks that were not resulting in anything. I’d sketch something down but never get around to developing the idea and finalizing it. Since I started the website, I’ve noticed I have a better creative flow since I’m being creatively challenged. In order to have something to write about, I have to create and do things!

This year I plan to develop the concept and the blog start sharing my fashion D.I.Y. projects. I also intend on writing more about sustainable fashion, a never ending dilemma. It’s a difficult and sometimes controversial subject but very close to my heart. One big challenge I’ve set for myself for 2014 is to improve my photographing skills. It’s going to require a lot of patience on my part but luckily I have good friends who are great photographers and willing to help me out.

So welcome 2014 and bring it on!

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