Oh brother, art thou cold?

Sometimes I’m not a very good big sister. On my middle brother’s birthday I called him, congratulated him and told I hadn’t been able to find a birthday present for him. I told him “if you possibly need a scarf, I can crochet you one”. He’s a quit easy going guy so he was like “mmmkay” and we started discussing colour options. We agreed on a dark wine red but once i was at the store I couldn’t find a yarn in that colour or the right thickness. After another call we settled on a teal colour and in wool. What was more tricky was picking a crochet stitch for the scarf. My brother dresses in a quit classic style so I knew all the lace and flower like stitches were not his thing. Instead I tried to find a simple stitch that created a clean graphic pattern. I came across the Cable Stitch on Pinterest and after testing it decided to go with it. I found this great tutorial, which also shows a variation of the stitch where the diagonal lines are all in the same direction.
The stitch is quit easy so I was able to finish the scarf before Christmas. My brother seemed quit happy with it and I hope he’s had use for it when January was so cold. When I gave it to him we had an impromptu photo shoot in my mother’s living room. I guess doing funny faces when somebody puts a camera in your face runs in the family.







Bonny Edinburgh

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Bonny Edinburgh

Scotland is one of those places that has been on my travel list but usually at the lower end behind countries like Japan, Egypt and South Africa. Then a series called Outlander came and all of a sudden my friends and I were longing for the Scottish highlands. We started talking about a roadtrip for the following fall and all the castles and lochs we’d like to see. The problem was that next fall was almost a year away and that’s when we started looking into a shorter trip to Edinburg. So that’s how Kea and I found ourselves in Edinburg last december.

Though it was windy and rained a lot I still think Edinburg is an incredibly beautiful city. I loved how the narrow streets and old buildings occasionally gave me a feeling I had travelled back in time.  Hogwarts crossed my mind a couple of times. I also liked how close nature the city is, especially if you’re close to Arthur’s Seat.
I had my camera with me at all times but having now gone through the images I’ve noticed that there’s a lot I didn’t photograph. Like the endless amount of shops selling wool and cashmere products. You could buy all sorts of sweaters and scarves but strangely enough they didn’t sell yarn och socks. Or the lovely bed and breakfast we stayed at in Priestfield and the haggis breakfast I was “brave” enough to try. On the other hand, not everything has to be captured in an image, sometimes the camera has to stay in your backpack so you can observe and take in everything around you.